I’m back!

Hopefully, now that vacation’s over with, I can actually start using this blog.
The first couple of days at Sandy Cove were fun, but I didn’t really make any new friends, just hung out with the old ones. The third day, though, there was a talent show, and a guy named Caleb performed an awesome drum solo, and then went back up to play drums for his family’s band as his sisters sang and one played guitar, and his dad played piano and sang. It was great. So afterward, I went and talked to him, and my friend (who I had met earlier that day) did the same. We ended up being like brother and sisters, he and Sadie and Sadie’s sisters and I, and my other friend who I met there 5 years ago. We hung out the whole week.
But on Wednesday, my voice started cracking, and my throat got a little itchy. By Thursday morning, it felt like there was a spiky metal ball lodged in my throat and I couldn’t talk at all. So that made things interesting. After a while, I COULD talk, but I sounded very odd. Since I got home on Friday, I’ve barely been able to talk at all, and my throat has been itchy in addition to a runny nose and sneezing. So that’s been interesting. This is only my second time losing my voice, ever, and this time it’s worse. I sound really weird when I try to talk, and it’s frustrating when my parents get mad at me for “ignoring” them, when in reality I just can’t make my voice work.
But it’s gotten me out of going to work, because what’s a cashier at a store completely centered around having good relationships with the customers without a voice? Gives me more time to write.
Which reminds me, I still need to post an excerpt here. I’ll do it soon. 🙂
Talk at you later!

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2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Lady Katharina

    Wow. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Too bad about your voice. Yes! Post an excerpt!

  2. My voice is mostly back. XD And you’ve read pretty much all I have. You need no excerpt. 😉

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