Excerpt :D

 “Hmm.” She stands by the fireplace, leaning with one hand on the stone mantel, which is about as tall as our heads. “So, what goes on?”

Nothing much. I have been bored all day.” Well, it is not a total lie.

I came here to ask you something.” She turns toward me, where I still lean against the door. Am I just being paranoid, or is there a maleficent glint in her eye?

Suddenly, she jumps toward me. I leap out of the way, pulling out my letter opener. She regains her balance, and before I know it, she is holding the iron fire poker, in a defensive stance, facing me. My hands shake so hard I almost drop my weapon.

She tosses the poker aside. It lands on the white carpet, leaving a smear of gray ash. “A letter opener? You thought I was the killer, and your weapon of choice is a letter opener?”

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6 thoughts on “Excerpt :D

  1. Sadie

    Oh my goodness, I love this, it’s sooo good. Great job Elizabeth!!!

  2. So should I post more..?

  3. Sadie

    Yes yes yes!!!! Please post more!!!

  4. angarugh

    hee hee, I like.

  5. Thanks. 😀

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