The Vending Machine

Everyone meets a person like this at least once. They are a great friend at first, but as time passes, they seem to only come to you when they need help with something, or want something from you. You help them, of course, but you are upset by the fact that they don’t talk to you to see how you’re doing-or if they do, they brush off your problems and don’t act like they care. They only come to dump all their sorrows on you, vent at you when they’re mad about something, or when they need a ride. They only call when something bad is happening. We’re always there for them, waiting to assist whenever they call, but they’re not really there for us.

I was thinking about this, and realized that we sometimes treat God this way. We’ll acknowledge that He exists, yes, but only when we want something from Him. When everything is going fine, we have a steady paycheck coming in, our families aren’t suffering any issues, our lives are basically great, we push God to the side. But when disaster strikes, when we get demoted or fired, an argument breaks out at home, we suddenly beg on our knees for God to be with us and fix everything. Doesn’t that seem a bit unfair to you? 

Instead, we should treat God as He treats us-like a true friend, who is always there for us no matter what, even when we treat Him like a vending machine. We should come to Him with our problems, yes, but also with our joys. We need to talk to Him about everything, instead of just begging Him for a new toy.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask God for things. But He wants us to talk to Him, converse with Him, be friends with Him. After all, what do you think “relationship” means?

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4 thoughts on “The Vending Machine

  1. Very thought-provoking post! I agree. Another thing, we can see just how merciful God is to still care for us when we don’t do the same. Of course it’s unfair, and yet that doesn’t stop Him from doing incomprehensibly amazing things for us every day. We truly serve an amazing God. Thank you for that post. 😀

  2. angarugh

    i love how your relationship with Christ is evident in your writings. Keep it up.

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