My cat is absolutely convinced that she belongs outside. It’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time to watch her scrabbling at the kitchen window, checking every square of glass to see if there’s a way out. Actually, it’s more pathetic than funny after a while, because of the number of times she checks each part of the window. I just want to tell her to give it up, because the glass is not going to just disappear.
But then I remember that she’s a cat, and she doesn’t speak English. And I never finished my course on Felinese.

I was thinking earlier how people who volunteer at churches, who don’t get paid, are always happy and smiling, and yet they turn around and go to their jobs, where they do get paid, and yet they so often don’t act as happy about it. I think we should act like we do when working in God’s house wherever we go, because really, the whole earth is His temple. He’s everywhere. So we should serve Him with a joyful heart and a smile on our face. 😀

I told you this was random (look at the title again). That was not an analogy. That was just two random thoughts I had today. Ta-da!

Type to you later. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Random…

  1. Poor cat. 😉

    The second random thought is a good one. 🙂

  2. My cat goes out on a leash and harness. Warning, some of the harnesses they can slip if they get scared and try to run. . . they just. . . back out. (/Forget/ any ideas you may or have about “walking” her. 😉 From what I’ve seen (mine, and on tv) it’s more like they walk you, or they sit there and look like you’re in trouble for holding the other end of that leash. *Grins* )

    I really like your second point. 🙂 We should have the same attitude in whatever places we work and serve – no matter if it is in the church, or at our local pizza place.

    *Likes this post* ^_^

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