The Last Singer

I thought I’d share the premise of my current work-in-progress with all of my awesome readers. Feel free to tell me your thoughts. 😀


Imagine a world created by a God who loves music. Imagine that this God created people to play music for Him.

This world exists. Its name is Ereth. The God’s name is Lyr.

The kingdom of Elda, on the warm side of this other Earth, is full of light, cheer, and peace.

The kingdom of Iltur, on the cold, forbidding end of the planet, is where Silence reigns. Darkness and chaos abide there. This is where those who neglect their music, therefore neglecting their God, end up. It is a place of evil, sorrow, discord.

What happens, though, if the Silence grows powerful enough to rise up against those loyal to Lyr?

Hana is the princess of Elda. All her life, she has been told that her mother died when she was young.

Holden is her older brother, the prince, and he knows that this is a lie. Their mother is not dead; she is Silent.

Havega, the former queen, manipulates Holden using her newfound black power as a leader of the Silent.

The only ones standing in the way of the total destruction and Silence of all Ereth are Hana and her cousin, a simple huntsman. But what can they do after being banished from their home by Hana’s brother?

This is the story of a daughter’s love for her family. This is a story of one girl’s quest to save her father’s kingdom.

A tale of love and loss, of loyalty and betrayal, of music and Silence…

This is the story of The Last Singer.

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