Floating Castle

Unfortunately the picture isn’t mine. Just the poem. Hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

I stand on the edge
Overlooking the river
Feeling like a queen

A miniscule piece
Of this cold and dreary world
Right now mine to keep

And the fog rolls in
Like a thick, chilly blanket
Smothering vision

Then with sight goes sound
Leached away by the damp mist
From this cloud nation

A floating castle
Hovers nearby, with towers
Poking from the clouds

Windows and turrets
Walls made not of stone or wood
But of misty shroud

And from far away
A melody floats by me
Untraceable song

Distant instruments
Play their enchanting music
I dance for so long

Numb feet and cold nose
Breath coming in quick gasps
Can’t feel my fingertips now

I start to shiver
But I don’t want to leave here
And I don’t know how

If I leave this place
I have to face the real world
But this feels like home

Icy northern winds
Start to blow the fog away
And chill my frail bones

I know I must let
My castle fade away now
The thought makes me shake

So I let it slip
Fleeing with the damp, white mist
The cold makes me ache

Close the heavy door
To the lonely balcony
Where my mind is free

I catch one more glimpse
Of a tall castle tower
Blown by wind, it flees.

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4 thoughts on “Floating Castle

  1. Wow. I love the imagery you have in this poem, Imnott. Very good poem. *Hopes you publish sometime so I can have a copy* ❀


    • Thank you, dear! It was inspired by the things my mind did while I stood on my balcony and let my mind wander when it was really foggy out. πŸ˜€

  2. Patricia Gallie

    Very nice! I could almost /feel/ the cold!

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