My First Blog Tour! Yay Me!

Hello everyone! This is the official first stop of my blog tour to promote my debut novel, Keeper. I’m glad to have you! This is so exciting for me. I’ve never done a blog tour or giveaway, let alone published a book, before. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!


Today, I’ll be discussing the premise for Keeper, as well as giving y’all some information about myself.

So, let’s get started!

This is how I thought of the name for the main character, Dreamer:

I work at a grocery store right now, and I had a customer with this really cute little girl, about five years old. She was dark-skinned, and wore her black hair in braids with colorful barrettes. She was quite precocious and asked a lot of questions. I asked what her name was, and she said “Dreamer.” Suddenly, I knew I had to name a character Dreamer.

So I started working on a character profile. Dreamer was a dark-skinned teenage girl with her hair in braids. She was a daydreamer, a wisher, someone who didn’t see the joy in everyday life because she was always imagining a better world and yet couldn’t seem to change anything.

But I couldn’t think of a plot, so obviously I had a problem – until I remembered that I’d come up with a basic idea for a story that I hadn’t been able to expound upon. I can’t tell you what the idea was, because that would ruin the story, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out when you read the book!

So I merged the two and set to work, aware that my story would be hard to write, controversial, and I would probably be berated for taking the stance I do on the issues in the book, but knowing it would be something the world needs to read.

Dreamer is a precocious teenage girl grieving over the untimely death of her older sister, Livvy, who succumbed to leukemia at the age of seventeen. Her sister was her whole world, and she doesn’t know how to continue on after Livvy is gone.

Her parents decide to move to another state, to get away from everything that reminds them so much of their deceased daughter, and Dreamer has to figure out a way to cope and put her life back together.

Then something shatters that world again, a life-changing event that is a catalyst for a huge choice Dreamer must make.

For a while I was stuck on a plot hole, but then I figured it out in a brilliant moment of clarity, and I knew I would finish this book and it would be my debut.

I wrote like mad during NaNoWriMo 2014 (more to come about that later in the blog tour), then took a break to regroup and plan the rest of the book, and ended up finishing it this spring. I remember the moment I tapped the last period – a gigantic wave of excitement and melancholy washed over me. I had finished it. Finished my first real, publish-worthy book. I had to say goodbye to the characters I’d grown to love so much, but I was starting on my way to my dream career of being an author. It was bittersweet, but definitely more sweet than bitter.

The editing process took a few months – it’s always my least favorite part – but finally, it was ready.

I logged into CreateSpace, and you can guess the rest.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this book! Thanks for reading this! Stay tuned for the giveaway at the end of the tour. And share this post, pretty please!

The next post, in which I tell a bit more about my main character, will be on J. Grace Pennington’s blog tomorrow – make sure you check it out!

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