Stop The Hate!

Rant warning:

I am sick and tired of people acting like the LGBT+ community is disgusting, or less than human, or hated by God.

What right do you have to say who God hates?

Yes, the Bible says homosexuality is a sin.

It also says that being judgmental, insulting, gossiping, hurting people, and hatred are sins. You can’t tell me that you don’t do at least one of those – because if you’re one of the people acting like gays are slime, you are hurting people and being judgmental, at the very least.

You’re not better than them because you sin differently.

And frankly, we live in a majorly effed up world. If someone finds a relationship that makes them happy, and gives them a reason to live, then leave them alone. I’m sure God will forgive them, just like He’ll forgive you for judging them and hurting their feelings.

Honestly, I’m not so sure it’s a sin. The verse in the Bible about it says that the people were LEAVING their natural relationships for ones with the same gender, and that that was a sin. It didn’t say anything about what the natural relationship should be, or whether a natural same-sex relationship is right or wrong.

I’m not sure what I believe about whether or not it’s a sin, but you know what? I’m not going to go around judging people for it. That’s not my place, it’s God’s. It is my place to be a good example and shine His light to everyone, not just straight people, not just people with the same opinions as me.

Also, there’s another thing that I didn’t think about until a friend mentioned it to me.

“Coming out” is HARD. It hurts. It can alienate the one coming out from their family, their friends, their church family. Why would they do it if they didn’t feel it was right for them? It takes a LOT more courage than we think, fellow straight people.

A friend of mine came out as pansexual to her parents, and they punished her, had her dramatically prayed over, and they still bring it up insultingly now and then. But she hasn’t renounced it because she feels it is right for her, and she has the courage to stick up for herself.

Again, why would anyone go through all the pain and rejection you LGBT+ haters pile on them, if they didn’t feel it was right?

I’m not talking about a fling with the same sex just to try it out. I’m talking full-on coming out, as in “Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” We underestimate how much trauma they go through, how many insults they receive, how much it hurts them.

Because you have so much stigma toward them that you feel you have to make them like you. Because you’re afraid of anyone different. Because you want to impose your religion on everyone else – which is exactly why so many people HATE Christians, or anyone else religious, and their practices and their Gods.

Come on, everyone. God told us to love and include everyone. Not to love everyone except anyone who loves in a different way. Their sexual orientation is their choice amd their issue to deal with. Your issue is whether you’re going to love them regardless of what gender they are attracted to.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Stop The Hate!

  1. It amazes me the hate people lash out when it comes to homosexuality and being a Christian. I’m not a Christian, or at least I don’t classify myself as one. As a good friend pointed out, I’m a follower of Christ and he’s my best friend. I’ve read the bible and I’ve listened to others views on this whole debate.

    As someone who wants to live like Jesus and strives to every day, I have no dislike for homosexuals. To be honest I’ve thought maybe it was a test from God himself to see who would still judge despite what it says in the bible. If that makes sense?

    Why I think that is because…why would someone CHOOSE to go through the backlash, hate, and evilness that comes with being homosexual? I think about the Matthew Shepard case and wonder…who wants to live a life like that? Who would CHOOSE that life?

    I think you’re right. While it does say in the bible that homosexual is a sin…it also says not to judge. And I take the, “don’t judge” passages much more to heart than the other one. Those same people condemning the sin of homosexuality, are the same people having sexual relations outside of marriage, are lying, and spewing a different kind of evil.

    It’s Okay not to agree with it. It’s even Okay to tell someone, “Listen, I feel what you’re doing is wrong,” but they are suppose to add, “but I love you anyway.”

    Great post!

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